Volunteer Policies

The below policies are meant to help us support the safety and overall experience of your group, as well as, support the many partnerships we have with various organizations. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to e-mail us here.



While street ministry is extremely rewarding, there are many challenges that require a level of maturity and responsibility. Our friends on the street are struggling with various issues (including addiction, mental illness, etc.) that may lead them to be agitated, unfriendly, use vulgar language, etc. It is at the discretion of the child’s parent/guardian if they feel their child should serve.

Children MUST BE AT LEAST 12 years old to volunteer and must complete a Volunteer Release for Minors (including a parent or guardian's signature) each time they volunteer with New York City Relief. In addition, any children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a minimum of 1 adult per child. Children ages 16-17 must be accompanied by a minimum of 1 adult per 4 teens. Chaperones are responsible for the safety and support of minors while serving.



We are so blessed by many people who love serving with us. We love serving with you too! When scheduling we ask for you to be sensitive to the number of opportunities you reserve to help us create space for all of our amazing partners.

Team Registration Policies (for MARCH THROUGH DECEMBER, no restrictions in January and February):

  • No more than 2 opportunities in one week

  • No more than 4 opportunities in total in one month

If you have special circumstances, please contact volunteer@newyorkcityrelief.org as we can sometimes accommodate scheduling outside of these limits.