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Jesus constantly provoked people, because he desperately wanted to wake them up to a greater reality. Jesus didn’t want anyone to miss out on the riches of living a life of love and purpose. He did this by breaking lots of religious rules, hanging out with all of the wrong people and telling crazy stories in which the bad guy was sometimes the hero. What happened to Jesus meek and mild? This revolutionary challenged society to turn from injustice, fight for the weak and become a servant to all. Some were provoked to follow him, and some were provoked to kill him.

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Juan Galloway is President and CEO of New York City Relief, an organization that has been serving people experiencing homelessness in innovative ways since 1989. NYCR takes thousands of volunteers to serve friends living on the streets through their famous mobile outreaches known as The Relief Buses and The Relief Co-ops.

In PROVOKED, Juan tells how his life was changed by encounters with God through the poor. Journeying with the homeless was a refining process in which he came to the end of himself and to the beginning of freedom. Juan hungered for intimacy with God, but found that a key ingredient for that was loving people. This was challenging for an uncomfortable introvert. Using fascinating real-world stories from the frontlines, lessons and parables, Juan tells how God provokes all of us to lay down our lives for others and in the process, discover what life is really about.


Endorsements for Provoked

Juan Galloway’s book has provoked me to reassess my own commitment to the lost and hopeless. Be careful or it may do the same for you. PROVOKED captures the heart of the gospel to those living in the margins of society. I highly recommend this important message to the church and to all believers.
— Don Wilkerson, President of Brooklyn Teen Challenge
At The Bowery Mission we have recently deployed a new staff role of Ambassador whose primary responsibility is to love those experiencing homelessness by entering into mutually vulnerable relationships such that trust might lead to hope might lead to life. My concept for what an Ambassador is to do was largely shaped, dare I say even provoked, by my experiences while serving on The Relief Bus with Juan Galloway and his team. As I read PROVOKED I realized that in sharing his heart Juan has generously and vulnerably written an ideal book to equip not only the Ambassadors on our staff, but all who are called to be ambassadors to the “least of these”, meaning all who would claim to be followers of Jesus. I give this warning to all who might consider reading this book . . . prepare to be deeply PROVOKED as Juan shares his journey into the very heart of Christ for the poorest of the poor.
— Dave Jones, President & CEO of The Bowery Mission
Juan Galloway and New York City Relief demonstrate in real terms what it means to take to heart Jesus’ command to “love your neighbor as yourself.” And who is “your neighbor? One need only to look at the parable of the Good Samaritan to realize that Jesus defines your neighbor as “everyone” in need. PROVOKED shows how love is the number one fruit of the Christian who has the Holy Spirit indwelling within and is the true mark of Christian character. All else is fluff. I have known Juan Galloway and been involved in NYC Relief for over twenty years. They are the real deal.
— Dan Buttafuoco Trial Lawyer, Author of Consider the Evidence
PROVOKED shows how in a world of polarization, helping someone in need is life changing for the one who gives the most. May we find more of the love of Jesus as our eyes and hearts are opened through this book to the needs of our neighbors.
— Ed Herr, President of Herr’s Potato Chips, Chairman of the Board of New York City Relief
Inspiring! Not only a thought-provoking read, but a call to action, compelled by relentless love. The real-life examples of homelessness and truth-filled statements that are presented within the pages of PROVOKED embolden us to be His hands and feet to the “anti-celebrities” that we encounter every day. Juan’s heartbeat is evident and challenges the reader to reflect on Acts 10:28 which states, “But God has shown me that I should not call any man common or unclean”. In God’s Kingdom, everyone is welcome to the table!
— Glenn C. Burris, Jr., President of The Foursquare Church
PROVOKED is a down-to-earth chronicle of Juan Galloway’s life as he served the homeless and allowed God to change him in the process. His book paints a portrait of New York City’s homeless through stories of personal experience depicting situations and people that he has encountered along that journey. It is a colorful, compelling and inspirational portrait of God’s love for people through New York City Relief and its bus—love on wheels. Read the book and get on the bus.
— Treg McCoy, Missions Director of Times Square Church
PROVOKED details what it looks like to love out loud–everyday. Juan sees the faces, the worn shoes and the men and woman that many of us miss as we walk by with a face buried in a phone. All of us should be provoked to see more and see this world differently. Juan demonstrates the difference between relationship and a savior mentality. We should all be so lucky as to be seen and befriended by a sincere man like Juan Galloway. Where Juan and his team are at work is where love lives.
— James Anderson, CEO of New Canaan Society
In PROVOKED, Juan Galloway reminds us of what it means to be a follower of Jesus in this world which requires us to demonstrate radical love. I have seen Juan and the staff of New York City Relief demonstrate this love in tangible and practical ways as they build friendships with men and women living on the streets. We are humbled and grateful to call them partners and friends in our work.
— Elise Chong, CEO of Hope For New York
I have been an eye witness for the past thirty years to the extraordinary work of New York City Relief under Richard and Juan Galloway’s leadership. The work of NYCR is one of the greatest signs of hope on the Metro New York City landscape for many of our citizens. This is one of the great God stories of the past century in urban America. Be provoked by their story.
— Dr. Mac Pier, Founder and CEO of Movement.Org
Powerful! Juan Galloway has the wisdom of a scholar and the grit of a practitioner. This book will help people impact their communities and reset lives.
— Dimas Salaberrios, President of Concerts of Prayer of Greater New York
I love adventure stories that are filled with challenge and peril; where the stakes are high and radical sacrifice is the only solution. I want a story filled with heartbreaking humanness and earth-shaking love. Every so often, I find those stories, not in the page of a book, but in the life of a friend. Juan Galloway, a friend for the last 30+ years, is an adventure story that you’ll want to read and know and do everything you can to become part of the ongoing tale. Be warned: PROVOKED will do just what is says. Opening this story may lead to your own adventure story.
— Shawn Small, Director of Wonder Voyage Missions
New York City Relief does some of the most beautiful, compelling ministry of Jesus in our city. I am so thankful for the work of Juan Galloway and his team, and highly recommend his book and work to you.
— Jon Tyson, Lead Pastor of Church of the City New York
PROVOKED is a book written with great modesty and charm. But modesty and charm cannot blunt the book’s underlying challenge: What possible reason could we have for not living lives of generosity and compassion?
— Ritchie Coster Film and television actor, The Dark Knight, Creed, Black Hat, American Gangster
True to his character, Juan has written from his heart and his own personal experience about a subject near and dear to the heart of Christ. He talks not from a theoretical perspective, but as one who has been willing to share the margins of society with those to whom he is called. He is compelling in his call for others to join him there.
— James W. Betts, Major Divisional Commander, The Salvation Army, New Jersey Division
Doctors and dentists have been known to say that most people don’t make appointments with them until the pain can no longer be numbed or avoided. In this book Juan brings you close enough to the painful realities of people living on the street that it can no longer be avoided, even after putting it down. The good news is he also offers a remedy: relentless love.

Juan Galloway is a hope-dealer. In a city where more than 4,000,000 people live at or beneath the poverty line, struggling to make ends meet, Juan and his team at NYC Relief provide daily doses of hope through compassionate care and life-transforming resources. The community they’ve built is nothing short of extraordinary, and the next life to be changed just may be your own.
— Brian Moll, Executive Director, The Rescue Alliance,