Our Founders

Richard and Dixie Galloway at the New York City Relief Gala, 2017.

Richard and Dixie Galloway at the New York City Relief Gala, 2017.

THE NEW YORK CITY RELIEF STORY began back in the 1980's with a successful entrepreneur living in Dallas, Texas.

When Richard Galloway read Isaiah 58, he immediately felt challenged by God's concern for the poor and oppressed. He felt he was being called to action, and he gained a vision for how he could respond. Richard called his friend Alastair Geddes. Alastair was the President of Christ for the Nations Bible Institute on Long Island. Alastair offered him an old school bus and invited Richard to come to New York and lead a mobile outreach. Richard and Dixie visited New York City and bravely decided to take on the challenge of converting the bus to serve the homeless in New York City. They decided to call the new organization New York City Relief.

Within a month, the Galloways left Texas and made the move to New York to follow a dream. There was no funding for the organization and no salary for Richard to support his family — just a vision and a few audacious people committed to making it a reality.

The Galloways mobilized a team of volunteers and spent hundreds of hours converting a 1971 GMC bus into a mobile resource center to serve those struggling with homelessness. The organization was, and continues to be, funded through the generosity of private donors. New York City Relief began operating the Relief Bus in February 1989, using donated office space, and has been faithfully operating ever since.