Our Approach



Come and stay awhile.


We are a mobile outreach to the homeless and we consistently go to the same five locations, seven times a week. We create an intentional space that is welcoming and dignifying — where everyone belongs and help can always be found.



We have two outreach models:

Relief Bus Outreach.jpg


relief bus

Our Relief Buses are mobile care centers where we serve homemade soup & bread, distribute hygiene kits, host Life Care Visits, and pray for the needs of our friends on the street. By setting up tables & chairs on the sidewalk, we create an intentional space that welcomes our guests and invites conversation over a shared meal.

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relief co-op

In 2017, we launched a new outreach model called the Relief Co-Op. This is a partnership with other nonprofits providing direct services. With this model, we go to locations where the homeless population is already congregating. We hold Life Care Visits while guests wait for immediate services. 



We partner with over 250 organizations around NYC and NJ — so help can always be found.


We meet immediate needs — by offering soup, bread, hot chocolate, hygiene kits, socks & prayer — but our goal is to meet long-term needs by leading our guests into a Life Care Visit & connecting them to resources + hope.

What is a "Life Care Visit"?

Resources + Hope = Life Transformation

Life Care Visits are why we do what we do. In these 1x1 meetings, our team provides hope and resources through individualized action plans. We provide hope — by listening, encouraging and praying with our friends who are struggling — and then we provide resources — by connecting guests to emergency shelter, job programs, detox or drug rehabilitation. 

What is a "Referral"?

We are partnered with over 250 organizations throughout the NYC and NJ area that work to help those who are struggling. During Life Care Visits, we book appointments and make calls on behalf of our guests in order to connect them to whichever organization is specific to their need.



We take a long-term approach.


After we meet one-on-one in an initial Life Care Visit, we introduce them to our Follow Up Care Team. Our Follow Up Care team walks alongside our guests to help them connect with their referral, as well as navigate agencies & government programs. This looks like everything from assisting with paperwork to attending meetings to advocate on our guest's behalf.

We partner with over 250 organizations in NYC and NJ and can help refer guests to specific shelters, job programs, detox, or rehab, depending on their individualized needs. The road back from homelessness can be long and difficult, but we walk with our clients each step of the way on their journey towards a life transformed.