Director of Follow-Up Care

New York City Relief is a growing Christian non-profit organization that operates a mobile outreach to people struggling with homelessness and poverty. The organization has a budget of 3.8 million dollars and mobilizes over 6,000 volunteers a year to connect the homeless to resources that lead to life transformation.

New York City Relief, d/b/a The Relief Bus, is seeking someone who will direct all follow-up care and advocacy efforts that are necessary to provide ongoing and holistic compassionate care to men and women experiencing homelessness.  

As an outreach organization, NYCR engages hundreds of individuals on a weekly basis who need more attention, advocacy, and ministry than what can be provided at each outreach event. The Director of Follow-Up care will build and lead a team of staff, interns, and volunteers who will pursue these individuals over the phone and in person in an effort to assist in any way that will offer ongoing hope and connection to resources such as housing, shelter, employment, detox, and much more.  


Compassionate and entrepreneurial leader who can build and lead a team of mobile care providers that minister to, and advocate for, men and women experiencing homelessness.


Leadership: The Director of Follow-Up Care will report directly to the V.P. of Outreach Operations and will be a part of the Operations Leadership Team, working very closely with the Director of Volunteer Services, the Director of Outreach, and the Director of Resources and Direct Service Partnerships.

  • This person will both build and lead a team of staff, interns, and volunteers in order to provide the highest level of ongoing compassionate care for the homeless individuals that are served through the NYCR outreaches every single week.

  • Manage existing staff (leading team meetings, managing schedules, providing accountability, inspiring excellence).

  • Build Follow-Up Care Team (build relationships with potential new staff, connect with universities and schools of social work in order to recruit and manage interns, work with the volunteer team to recruit and manage specialized volunteers who will work regularly to reach out to NYCR guests).

  • Demonstrate professional responsibility in making effective use of individual and group supervision, program meetings, organizational resources, and training sessions.

  • Budgetary oversight. This person will be responsible for managing his or her departmental budget and accounting for all the spending that happens in the Follow-Up Care department.

Social Work Services:

  • Provide social work services to NYCR guests and educational oversight of social work interns. Provide leadership and advocacy for those who require services that relate to the mental, emotional, behavioral, developmental, and addictive disorders that are common among men and women experiencing homelessness.

  • Help facilitate and implement treatment plans that can assist in the individual’s journey out of homelessness.

  • Provide crisis intervention, assessment, planning, linkage, case management, and discharge planning for NYCR guests.

  • Review cases with staff and interns to strategize an Individual Care Plan and ensure that an appropriate level of care is being utilized and provided

  • Demonstrates an aptitude to quickly learn how to use and improve case management software, Efforts To Outcomes, in an effort to provide the highest level of compassionate care to NYCR guests and track outcomes.

Ministry: New York City Relief is a Christ-centered organization, which means that all leadership and social work services should be done with the understanding that prayer, spiritual guidance, and discipleship are assumed to be a foundational piece of the holistic services being provided.


  • Masters of Social Work with completed Seminar In Field Instruction (MSW/SIFI)

  • Case management experience

  • Homeless ministry experience (church, faith-based nonprofit, or other)

  • Team leadership experience

  • Competent with technology including G-Suite.

  • Heart of compassion for those experiencing homelessness

  • Self-starter

  • Experience dealing with conflict resolution and problem solving

  • Disciple of Jesus who believes the Bible is the inspired word of God

Preferred Qualifications:

  • L.C.S.W and/or similar level of qualification

  • CASAC and/or similar level of experience

  • Experience with Efforts To Outcomes software (ETO) and/or similar case management software

  • Experience in mission work and/or hands on ministry experience

  • Speaks Spanish (bilingual)


Full time, 40-hour work week. Suggested schedule although this position must be flexible (will be discussed throughout interview process)

  • Monday: 9:00am-5:00pm

  • Tuesday: 9:00am-5:00 pm

  • Wednesday: 9:00-5:00 pm

  • Thursday: 9:00-5:00 pm

  • Friday: 9:00-5:00pm


All staff participate in regular Tuesday morning meetings for times of worship, prayer, discipleship and business meetings. These are key times of community building, deepening of relationship and accountability that create a culture of interdependence. Each staff member is expected to periodically lead times of prayer or Bible study. All staff also participate periodically in The Relief Bus outreach and minister to the poor and homeless through prayer and ministry of the Word of God with individuals.


Full medical insurance benefits are provided through our Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO medical insurance plan.

Vacation time is generous. NYCR shuts down for two weeks at the end of August. One week is taken off for Thanksgiving and Christmas and several other holidays are observed. After one year of employment, an additional week of vacation is allowed per year at the staff person’s discretion.

Please submit your cover letter & resume to: 

New York City Relief
295 Walnut Street
Elizabeth, NJ 07201

New York City Relief