New York City Relief is BOOTS ON THE GROUND in the poverty stricken area of New York City and New Jersey. We lead an army of volunteers, 7,000 strong. We take poverty, addiction and despair head on. We go to the front lines of critical need, bringing relief and compassion to those falling through the cracks of society. The help we bring is many times the difference between life and death for these most vulnerable people groups. We don’t just give a hand out, we also give a hand up by connecting the suffering to vital resources that can turn their lives around. Shelter, medical care, addiction recovery and job training are lifelines to many who are sinking. Our strategy is compassion and our mission is life transformation.

Situation Volunteer

No one does what we do the way we do it. Our Relief Buses go directly to those in crisis. We don’t love from a distance, we help one person at a time, face to face. We cry with those who suffer, we rejoice with those who overcome. We don’t dole out charity. We give out our hearts and lay down our lives. It is the human connection that gives hope. It is a friend declaring they have your back and will go the distance. We don’t stop when it comes to repairing human lives. We are healers and we are companions in the journey to wholeness. The homeless know that no matter what happens, they can count on New York City Relief to be there.

Don't Walk By is our Thursday night outreach that puts "feet on the street." We train, equip and lead small teams to go out and find our friends on the streets afflicted with homelessness. Volunteer teams cover midtown Manhattan, both on the street corners and in the subway stations. Teams distribute much needed items such as socks and hygiene kits, but the most important part of the night is sharing our lives with each other. Many times volunteers will invite a homeless friend to dinner. If they aren't comfortable going into restaurant, we share it with them right there on the sidewalk. Many pedestrians will do anything to avoid a homeless person and some try to pretend that they don't exist. Don't Walk By is the opposite of that. We go out looking for those who are overlooked and the results are amazing. To find out more go to:

The Relief Base is our urban missions headquarters and launching pad to do outreach from to the inner city. Our administrative offices, kitchen and Relief Buses are there. One of the most important uses of The Relief Base is a place to mobilize our army of volunteers. We have beautiful dormitories for out-of-state missions teams, multiple bathrooms with hot showers, and training facilities with multimedia equipment. All of this is to create an atmosphere where volunteers can be unified around our mission to bring life transformation to the poor and find true transformation for their own lives as well.

The end results of New York City Relief outreach are the many people who have experienced true life transformation. Those who have hit rock bottom and are overwhelmed with despair have found friends to provide courage and companionship. They have discovered mentors to help them plan a comeback and chart a new future. Many of the men and women who were given a second chance through our outreach have escaped the streets and been freed from addiction. Lives that were once lost are now restored to their families and are happily working to provide for their needs. These precious people are miracles who have beaten all the odds. Their lives echo our team motto, “These Things We Do…That Others May Live."